Meet the Team


Company Director

Sarah launched New Start in September 2016 after working for nearly eight years in a local Hospice. By day, Sarah is focusing her time on developing and growing the service and by night she does the regular things like cooking dinner, homework, taxiing to footy and golf and generally running around like a headless chicken for her two very lovely sons. Aside from starting New Start, Sarah’s biggest achievement is raising two handsome, clever and very funny boys.

Likes: Tapas, holidays and her cat, Patrick.

Dislikes: Snakes, cold coffee and bullying.


07788 447077



Marie joined New Start after having previously worked in Secondary and Primary education for over fourteen years. When not working she enjoys spending time with her family and walking in the Lake District with her two Working Cocker Spaniels, one very well behaved Molly and a much younger energetic black dog named ‘Dylan the Villain’.

Likes:  Thai food, catching up for a meal with friends, she is interested in Textile Design in particular the Arts and Crafts movement and anything connected to William Morris!

Dislikes:  The latest gadgets and bad manners!



Counsellor (MBACP)

Edwana has a deep belief in a child’s innate capacity for positive change and growth. She utilises the power of play and art therapy to facilitate the expression of thoughts and feelings and to foster problem-solving skills.  She nurtures her own well-being in the open spaces of nature with walking, camping and her relationships with animals.

Likes: She enjoys digging in her vegetable garden, helped by her two hens, Bluebell and Agatha.



Counsellor (MBACP)

Katrina worked taking 999 calls for North West Ambulance Service for nearly a decade. She has worked for the both National Health Service and in the voluntary sector as a counsellor. In her spare time, Katrina loves to spend time with her family especially her little boy and husband. They love day trips to lakes or visiting theme parks.  She is also kept busy training her house rabbit, Colin, to do tricks!

Likes: Candles, reading and Harry Potter.

Dislikes: Onions and scary films.



Counsellor (MBACP)

Debbie has worked with children, families and adults within childcare settings and children’s centres for many years. She has a grown up beautiful daughter. In her spare time she loves to go on dog walks with her little Westie and she also loves to swim and dance as well as spend time with her friends and family!

Likes: Camping and feeling cosy and safe.

Dislikes: Prawns and conflict.



Counsellor (MBACP)

Emma first became interested in becoming a qualified counsellor after beginning as a ‘listener’ at Blackpool Samaritans. She was overwhelmed by the huge value and power in just listening and being there in the most darkest of times. From this enlightening experience, Emma then enrolled at university to study for a Post Graduate Diploma in Person Centred Counselling at the University of Cumbria and graduated in 2016.

As well as counselling, Emma also has vast experience working with children.  She worked as a Children’s rep and ran her own kids club in Turkey, still one of the best times of her life. More recently has worked as a nursery practitioner in a local nursery.

Likes:  Spending time with her beautiful boys and  little dog Dolly in her caravan in the Lakes. Her friends,  Zumba, singing and amateur dramatics (so long as she can be the star of the show!) Emma also enjoys taking up new hobbies, this year crafting. Watch out Kirsty Alsop!

Dislikes:  When people who have no children with them, park in mother and child spaces at the supermarket.  Unfairness and rocket!



Counsellor (MBACP)

Alli originally became interested in becoming a counsellor nearly 25 years ago when she was volunteering as a telephone listener with a local child line service. Since then she has enjoyed working within education, local authority, the third sector and private practice.  This includes 2 years in primary education, 7 years in secondary education and three years in post 16 education. She has vast experience of working with children, adults and families. Alli is incredibly  passionate about the work she does and enjoys the challenges this can bring.

Alli is a mum of four, enjoys travelling, walking her dogs and eating out.

Likes: Music, yoga, reading, baking.

Dislikes:  Technology and rudeness.



Counsellor (MBACP)

Sara is a person-centred counsellor who works with an integrative approach and loves to use a range of interventions such as play/art/expressive therapy, enabling and empowering individuals to express, explore, understand and grow in a safe, nurturing space. Sara is very passionate about early therapeutic intervention with children and young people, believing and trusting in the potential for the process of growth and change, wholeheartedly. She uses the term a big “therapy heart” and believes children can thrive through “therapeutic love” empathy and understanding.

Sara has experience counselling children/young people/adults in the voluntary sector and with adults in rehab & detox and enjoys working with the different dynamics of group therapy also.

As a mum to twins- a boy and a girl – Sara simply adores spending time with her children and devotes her life to making sure they receive all the love in the world she can give.

Likes: Walks on the beach with the twins, arts & crafts, laughing, dancing in the kitchen with the twins to silly songs, Mr Whippy. Afternoon tea & Spa days. Spain (where she lived for some time as a child).

Dislikes: Spiders, bullying and her feet getting cold!



Counsellor (MBACP)

Lorna joined the New Start team after recently qualifying as a Person Centred Counsellor. Her passion is to work with  children and young people, supporting them through the difficult challenges in their lives.

Lorna is mum to her teenage daughter, who she loves spending time with, as often as she can. She also enjoys going on long walks with her partner.

Likes: Chocolate, Candles and Various music genres.

Dislikes: Bad Manners and Spiders.



Counsellor (MBACP)

Nicola joined our New Start team after many years experience of working with children and young people in a variety of schools and provisions, both main stream and independent. The basis of Nicola’s work is Person Centred with a focus on trauma and integrating play and art to facilitate change.

Nicola enjoys spending time with her family and is mum to three young adults and one crazy Newfoundland called Charlie. In her spare time she runs a Rainbow Guide Unit, travels and enjoys challenging life!

Likes: Travelling, adventures, challenging herself and cooking.

Dislikes: Spiders and heights.